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Design Goals and Features | (top)

last updated 2011-6-7

Here are the basic design goals.  Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

  • This site will keep track of public and private cholim lists. You must register to enter or track a choleh.
  • Once registered, you will be recognized via a cookie (if your browser is set to allow cookies) and your default page will show the cholim that you have selected to follow. By default, users will see the top 10(?) most recently updated cholim in the list.
  • You will be responsible to update the status every 30(?) days. You will be notified via email that an update is required. After 60 days without an update, the choleh will be marked inactive and no updates will be emailed for this choleh. A status page of the choleh will display text updated by the 'owner'. This update can be optionally viewed by users.
  • A choleh's name will be entered via a selection box of Hebrew names. There will be a screen to add names to the list via an on screen Hebrew keyboard. In case of a duplicate name, some other unique identifier of your choosing must be added - eg: country, city - and will show up next to the choleh's name. A choleh can be marked as private or public and some information fields will be optionally displayed. I haven't decided on allowing image uploads.
  • Searching will be done across the choleh's name via names selected from a selection box and optionally search the פלוני or בן פלונית part of the name.
  • Users will be able to register to get daily/weekly/monthly/status-change emails on:
    • all cholim
    • the cholim that they select to follow
    • new entries
    • emergency requests - not sure yet how this will be defined.
  • Users will be able to set up Tehillim lists with customizable breakdowns and assign users to sections. Users on a Tehillim list will optionally get email reminders.
  • TehillimRing - have all Tehillim recited in minutes
    • The idea behind the TehillimRing is to get all of Tehillim recited for a choleh in an emergency situtaion.
    • When you start a TehillimRing, you will receive an email with the choleh's name and a link to a page on the site that divides Tehillim into small sections - no more than 15 pesukim each, many smaller. A user should click on the section they just recited to record it. There is also a link to Tehillim online with the English translation.
    • You should then forward this email to your personal email list and it will make its way around the globe.
    • A registered user will be able to sign up to receive a max number of these requests per day/week from automated emails. I'm hoping that there are many, many people who will be willing to take 1-2 minutes to take part in completing Tehillim for a choleh for an 'emergency' situation.
    • Currently, a user does not have to be registered to click the Tehillim links on the page.
  • TehillimChaburah
  • A TehillimChaburah is a group of people committed to completing all of Tehillim together on a daily basis.
  • Two types of Tehillim division are available:
    - sections are full perakim with only 119 divided into two sections.
    - perakim divided into small sections of no more than 15 pesukim except for well known ones. Total of 240 sections.