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Dedicated to the רפואה שלמה of

זאב אליעזר בן חיה שינדל

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Monsey - Cong. Ahavas Yitzchok
General List
Monsey - Forshay
Hamispalel b-ad chaveroh hu ne-ene t-chilah - cancer patients
NYC - World Center Bais Medrash
7:40 Monsey Bus to B&H Photo
Chicago - Vosekin Cholim List
Congregation Torah Ohr
Monsey - Kehillas Bais Avraham
Monsey - Monsey Trails 6:45am to Wall St
New Hempstead - STNH (Shaarei Tefilla of New Hempstead)
Flatbush - Bostoner shul
Greater Miami
TanenbaumCHAT for Howie Rothman