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זאב אליעזר בן חיה שינדל

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חוה חיה מושקא בת שרה-אמינו
Chava Chaya Mushke bat Sarah Imeinu or Chana Orah.
Entered: 2011-11-20         Age: 39  עמו"ש
Updated: 2015-01-18
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Status: Inactive
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2013-07-25 18:10:45Heavy, unexplained pains and headaches, migraines that make it hard for her to function.
2012-08-05 09:18:41A new name was added to her name: Mushke.
2011-11-20 11:29:17Suffering from pains in her head and neck for already years. Is now on oxygen and morphine to make her life bearable. She lives in Holland, Europe.
2011-11-20 11:17:03